02 AM | 15 May

About Us

Welcome to CatfishJournal.com, your new online resource for the latest news when it comes to home improvement and gardening. We bring you the latest tips and tricks that you can use for your home renovations and refurbishments, along with improving the look of your garden.

What we believe in

Making your garden look more beautiful or redesigning the look of your house is often a hit and miss prospect, and we cannot tell you how many houses and gardens we have seen that look like so messily done. Many simply disregard the look and feel of your home and garden, and they do not realize how this actually contributes to your lifestyle and even health. We want people like you know what to do when you are ready to redesign your house or improve the look of your garden.

Who we are

Our team is composed of writers that have a vast knowledge in home improvement and gardening and how you can maximize space and make designs work. Whether you are doing an entire renovation of your house or simply need advice on flowers to plant this season, the content that we publish and bring to you will help you in all of your endeavors.

At CatfishJournal.com, we want to be your number one online resource for home improvement and gardening. We do this through providing the latest news as well as tips and tricks people like you can use every day in all of your do-it-yourself and gardening projects. We believe in publishing content that is informative, easy to understand and simple to do.