10 PM | 23 Oct

Custom-Built Homes: An Energy-Efficient and Modern Solution for Homeowners

The energy-efficiency of a custom built home

Buying a custom-built house is starting with a clean slate. The new house does not have any legacy systems and is built according to the specifications of the owners. It might be more expensive than one in a housing development, but it can also be more energy-efficient and have more space for expansion later on.

There are home construction companies, such as Keystone Custom Builders, Inc., that specialize in these one-of-a-kind houses. These houses are not the expensive dream houses with all the trimmings. Instead, these are affordable houses that fit a person’s needs.

Prepare plans for home construction.

It is not necessary to draw up floor plans. The builders can do this for you. You can then just choose from these plans and then add custom features.

Personalization can include additions such as custom cabinets and appliances. You could also add structural features, such as an extra room, a garage or a larger kitchen.

Customize for energy efficiency.

There are other benefits to having a custom home. You can take advantage of better sunshine coverage, resulting in lower energy costs.

You can install energy-efficient appliances as well as a plumbing system that doesn’t use up too much water. New techniques and methods also require less maintenance. This translates to even more energy savings.

All these new features would need some time to include in the new house, and the buyer would have to wait while the house is being built. Considering the potential savings in heating and cooling costs, it would be worth the longer construction time.

Having a custom-built home helps the homeowner use new technology and be more environmentally friendly while saving on utility costs.

05 PM | 18 Sep

How Should You Get Rid of Your Lawn Weeds?

Removing weed using a gardening tool

Weeds are unsightly, and they spoil your landscaped garden, patio, and driveway. They spread faster and compete with your other plants for survival. If you want your plant to stay healthy and bloom, you need to get rid of weeds. Greenside Landscaping gives these tips on yard weed control in Utah so you can eliminate these lawn pests the natural way.


The acetic acid in vinegar is a drying agent. It can kill young plants, so you have to be careful when using it. To do so, get a plastic bottle and remove its bottom. Spray the vinegar into the bottle while aiming it directly onto your target. This will help you spare the other plants in your garden.


Add a few drops of liquid soap to vinegar before spraying it directly onto the weeds. The oil in the soap will melt the weeds’ waxy surface, and remove their first layer of protection. Consequently, they will die.

Boiling Water

Pouring boiling water onto the weeds will instantly kill them. Since boiling water cools off immediately, it is safe to pour it on patios and driveways without causing harm to other plants.


Sprinkle salt onto the weeds in your pathways or driveways. Then pour water to finish the job. Mixing salt with boiling water will give the same result.

Corn Gluten Meal

Spread corn gluten meal around your plants and seedlings. This will prevent the weeds from sprouting. Repeat the process to keep off unwanted grass permanently.

Baking Soda

Spreading baking soda onto your lawn will kill the weeds and grasses around it. Its sodium content will keep these unwanted plants from growing. Just sweep it off in the crevices of your driveways and patios. Soon, you will notice the absence of weeds in your yard.


Pour a small amount of undiluted bleach over the cracks of your driveways. Then, pull the weeds after a few days. Make sure though that the bleach won’t get in the way of the border plants. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves for protection. If you need help, you can seek the assistance of a professional. There are experts in yard weed control in Utah. Weeds threaten the survival of other plants in your lawn. But when you know how to deal with these unwanted plants on your lawn, you can eliminate them before they can cause further harm.

04 PM | 17 Aug

Low Water Pressure? Here are 3 of the Most Probable Causes

Active sprinkler watering flowers

Your sprinkler is essential for your landscaping or irrigation needs, as it distributes water to the plants regularly and in the right amount. However, if you notice a decrease in the effectiveness of the system, it is time to do something.

There could be problems that would require sprinkler system repairs in Utah. Take a closer look at low water pressure as one of the main contributors to the sprinkler system malfunctioning. Utah Sprinkler explains that you might want to consider these three primary causes:

1. Leaks in the Main Water Line

Is there any recent project in your home that has required you to dig up your property? If so, then there are high chances that the diggers cut the mains water line. If that’s the case, it’s likely that it’s leaking water that should otherwise be going to your sprinkler. If you see any wet areas around your lawn or in the farm, these are clear indications of leaks in your underground plumbing.

2. Clogged Sprinkler Head

The presence of dirt or debris on sprinkler heads can affect the performance of your sprinkler. Take a close look at the head and clear any clogging material. Whenever vegetation grows around the sprinkler head, it can minimize the ability of the head to pop. Removing such an obstruction will help you restore the functionality of the sprinkler system.

3. The Water Valve is Not Fully Open

Valves exist between connections in the water supply. If the valves do not open fully, that could limit the amount of water that is flowing in your sprinkler systems. Check the shut-off valves in your water mains and ensure that they are fully open for maximum flow of water.

Low water pressure will minimize the effectiveness of your sprinkler systems. Therefore, whenever you notice a decrease in the water pressure, call an expert in sprinkler system repairs for the early diagnosis of the problem. That will also help you determine which repairs to undertake to restore your system’s function.

01 PM | 14 Aug

Is Your Home Purchase Worth it Without Checking These?

Couple looking at their new house

What could go wrong in a newly purchased house? You think everything looks good and shiny, but that might just be on the surface, especially if you bought a refurbished house. Some problems may be hidden, and if you don’t care for due diligence, you might be paying for a house that needs immediate repairs.

These three things should be thoroughly checked before you finalize the home purchase:


The household will use water daily and with a failing plumbing system, you might have problems that inconvenience the whole family. A backed up toilet and a leaking faucet may seem like small things at first, but when they happen often, consider checking the plumbing companies like Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical that service your area in Orem. If the plumbing system is old, you might need to have them replaced entirely.

Gutter System

When the weather turns, and you’re facing heavy rain or snow, the gutter system makes sure that these are directed downward and do not damage the foundation of the house. A bent or deformed gutter is not just an aesthetic problem. Water or snow might accumulate in vulnerable areas, and you might not even notice the problem until things get worse.


You might think it’s no big deal to replace the light fixtures yourself, but it says a lot about the state of the house if the seller cannot even be bothered to replace them. If you’re buying it for a low price, then, by all means, have the electric grid checked and did the light bulb changing yourself. If it’s on the other side of the price spectrum, however, you’d want to have at least good quality fixtures to go with the purchase.

What’s frustrating with a home purchase is when you’ve already signed the contract and realize there are some hidden damages. Don’t wait for the point of no return before checking the property for issues.

04 PM | 05 Jul

Versatile Veneers in Liverpool

Dentist doing prophylaxis treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity in the UK. As Brits become more image-conscious as a society (spontaneous selfie anyone?) and more interested in spending money on their health and wellbeing, the more appealing a trip to the cosmetic dentist is.

This growing desire has also neatly dovetailed with cosmetic dentistry becoming more widely available. Time was, a patient would have to go to a major city to brighten up their smile. Now people can find a cosmetic dentist on every high street, offering aesthetic treatments such as veneers in Liverpool at increasingly affordable prices. This includes long established practices in the area such as Liverpool Smile Studio.

One of the most diverse and flexible treatments on offer is veneers. These thin porcelain shells cover a multitude of cracks, chips, gaps and stains. If there is a minor imperfection in the teeth, chances are a veneer can cover it.

How do they work?

Veneers in Liverpool are like false nails for the teeth, in that they cover up the surface of the tooth. The cosmetic dentist will remove the top layer of enamel to give the veneer a rough surface to bond to, and so it will lie flush with the surrounding teeth. They will then apply dental adhesive and stick the veneer on. Doesn’t sound like a very in-depth process, but veneers are remarkably durable and will last around 10 years before needing to be replaced.

What can they be used for?

If a tooth has been chipped or cracked through accident or injury, a veneer can cover over it. If the teeth are a little uneven or have small gaps, veneers are a quicker and cheaper alternative to braces for creating an even smile.

And if tooth whitening isn’t a possibility, because not all stains can be removed this way, veneers in Liverpool can cover up ingrained blemishes. One important point to note: any patient who wishes to carry out whitening to remove surface stains on other teeth will need to do this first before having veneers fitted. This is because it isn’t possible to whiten veneers, so they will need to be colour-matched to the newly whitened teeth to give a consistent look.

01 AM | 20 Jun

Types of Equipment Used By Professionals for Drain Cleaning

Sink drainage working properly after fixing pipes

Drain blockages are a leading cause of various residential problems. Water damage, foul odor, mold and mildew growth, and flare up of respiratory infections are some of the common ones. Most homeowners opt for cheap store-bought drain cleaners to remove the clog.

These are unfortunately inefficient and often cause more problems. The ideal solution is to call a plumber near your Park City home to resolve the problem. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC outlines some of the tools and equipment the plumber will use to unclog your drain.

Power Rodders

These are motorized semi-rigid cables used to remove blockages from your drain. The rodder has a head with sharp teeth sized according to your pipe’s width. These teeth cut through items blocking your drain and dislodge them. After that, your pipes are flushed with high-pressure water to get rid of debris.

Hydro-Jet Equipment

This type of equipment is used for a drain cleaning technique known as hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting involves the use of pressurized water of up to 60000 PSI to break down all materials that may be blocking your drains. After breaking them down, other water jets are used to flush the debris from your pipes to the sewers. Though effective at removing clogs, hydro-jetting is entirely safe for your water pipes and results in a long-lasting clean piping system.

Kinetic Water Rams

These tools work in the same way as hydro-jet equipment. While hydro-jetting relies on pressurized water to dislodge debris, a kinetic water ram uses compressed air.  Expert care is necessary to avoid costly pipe breaks from the compressed air. The equipment can be used for unblocking laundry, kitchen, lavatories, and bathtub drains.

Before using these pieces of equipment, your plumber will carry out a camera inspection to identify the exact cause of your drain clog. This allows him to choose the best solution for your problem.

01 PM | 19 Jun

Interior Design 101: 3 Styles That Make a Vintage Chair Stand Out

European-style Decorative Antiques

Choosing an interior style can be a very personal approach for each homeowner. Some have a favorite style in mind, while others tend to base it on the furniture they already have. If you happen to own vintage Jindrich Halabala pieces, here are a few styles that may suit your taste in furniture.

Art Deco

The Art Deco interior style might be popular for its hard angles, absurd shapes, and loud colors. This is something that is not very common in Jindrich Halabala chairs, but the symmetrical angles and even the loud shapes of the chairs and furniture blend well with this interior style.

You can see this in the side tables, murals, and chairs that exhibit not only incredible shapes but also careful design for a practical investment piece.


Exposed beams, unpolished finishes, and raw materials at their finest — these are some of the best traits that industrial design has. Modern sensibilities have become sought after, with homeowners preferring simpler styles that still have character.

Jindrich Halabala pieces are a great match for an industrial living space due in part to the creator’s penchant for using materials that are very characteristic of this style.

Famous Halabala creations comprise wooden and tubular steel pieces, which highlight the beauty of the materials with superb craftsmanship.


Not only is the style of Jindrich Halabala chairs of vintage quality, but the basics of this interior style are a great match. Vintage interiors give off a sense of old, pleasant charm, a quality that is simple yet elegant and romantic.

What makes vintage style very interesting and still popular among homeowners is it allows the use of old and new things and furniture for a mixed and matched ensemble.

If you have one of the popular Jindrich Halabala furniture pieces, these are just a few design styles that you can deck up your living space. Apart from neutral and elegant styles, these put your statement pieces right in the spotlight.

01 AM | 24 May

Think Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Is Unnecessary? Think Again

a professional carpet cleaner

Carpets can make your home look extra posh and elegant, but only if they are regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Dirty carpets are not only unattractive to look at, but they are also full of allergens and who-knows-what bacteria.

However, not everyone has the entire day to clean their carpets. If you are one of these people, don’t worry. Many cleaning companies offer carpet cleaning services in South Jordan.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

When you think about carpet cleaning, you immediately think about simply lathering and rinsing it. However, there is more to it than that. In fact, the three main types of cleaning carpets are the following:

  • Steam extraction. This type of cleaning is perfect for homes that have carpets with high traffic or have children or a pet that could quickly soil it.
  • Low-moisture or dry cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is ideal for homeowners who want to minimize the moisture in the carpet during the cleaning process.
  • Tru-Dry. The cleaning agent used for this kind of carpet cleaning is naturally derived from a plant. So if you want a greener carpet cleaning alternative, this is the option for you.
    Additionally, the cleaning process is dry all throughout, so there’s no need to wait for the carpet to dry. You and your family can immediately enjoy the freshly cleaned carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Properly cleaning and maintaining your carpet can prolong its life. It can also help eliminate the allergens, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, and other airborne pollutants hiding in between the fibers of your carpet, which gives a healthier home environment.

Additionally, a stain-free carpet is more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

You might think that hiring professional carpet cleaners is just an extra cost. But, regular carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your investment and keeps you and everyone in your household healthy while enhancing the appearance of your home.

01 AM | 24 May

Is Your Home Secure Enough to Prevent Burglars?

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar

Home invasions tend to occur when burglars find easy access or a reason to break in. For example, 65 percent of burglaries happen in between 6 in the morning and 6 the evening, when you’re at work. Burglars also look for clues (e.g., piled up mail) that your house is empty and will be so for days.

Given the opportunity, home invaders would break in if there’s no one home. Securing your property, whether you’re in or out, should take priority as certain measures will keep your valuables and loved ones safe.

Prevent Entry

Start with your primary entrance because 34 percent of break-ins happen through the front door. Burglars could kick it in or pick the lock. But if you have a sturdy primary entry point, you prevent a burglary. Metal doors could work for this purpose because they not only look difficult to break through, but they also offer durability.

Lhpinc.com adds that a steel security door can provide your home with years of security, style, and comfort.

Another way to secure your home is to install an alarm system. The ideal alarms should have surveillance cameras that activate when an intruder enters your property. You’ll want the cameras to record the burglar; you can use this as evidence when police officers catch the criminal.

An alarm system not only provides you with evidence, but it could also discourage burglars. Audible alarms with motion-sensor triggers can make such a racket that it will turn away criminals of opportunity.

Understanding How Burglars Think

According to SafeHome.org, burglars are criminals of opportunity. Homes with not enough security are generally the primary targets. They know that they can easily break in and escape without getting caught.

When they have easier access to get in and out, they can quickly finish the burglary and less time for the victim to notice them and call for help.

Also, burglars don’t like sounds such as from alarms or barking dogs. As mentioned before, these sounds will call out the attention of people in the area.

Since they want to do their job unnoticed, they tend to avoid a house with such security equipment.

Houses that have a lot of trees in front and have poor lighting are also at risk for burglary because burglars prefer working in the dark. It will be easier for them to hide and run once someone catches them.

08 AM | 25 Apr

3 Tips for Getting a Bargain During Your Fence Installation Project

Wooden fence

Do you struggle when negotiating for better prices on your home improvement projects? You’re not alone. Most people are uncomfortable talking about money, plus haggling often seems like you’re asking for someone to do you a favor.

Well, there are tricks to get a Sarasota fence installation contractor such as Florida Fence to charge you less without sounding like you are negotiating. Here are three of them.

Get multiple bids

The good thing about getting contractors to bid for your project is that you can honestly let all bidders know that you are doing so. That gets everyone to know that you are really interested in a friendly quote. Knowing they’re competing against other contractors will certainly drive their prices down.

That said, don’t always go for the cheapest offer unless you have a guarantee of quality.

Buy supplies yourself

Your contractor will usually offer to buy the supplies and charge you the amount, but you’re generally better off doing this yourself. The fact is, if you take care of the supplies, you can always shop around for the best prices, something your contractor may not do.

Just be sure to confirm how much material you need to buy so you don’t keep going back to the shops.

Install during slower months

Installing your fence in the off-peak season can get you better rates than doing so when business is booming. Find out what period of the year contractors don’t have many projects, and get a quote during that time.

Even if weather conditions don’t permit the project to be done at the time, chances are the contractor will offer you a better deal when business is slow.

All of your home improvement projects will usually cost you some money, but there are always ways to save dollars in the process. All you need to do is select a contractor carefully, take care of the supplies yourself and time the project smartly.