04 PM | 18 Oct

The Perks of Using Retractable Awnings

retractable awningRetractable awnings are a staple of the home-exterior design. They help you reclaim your patio or deck from Nature, enjoying your outdoor living space even when there’s intense sunlight or heavy rain. With their thoughtful design, retractable awning systems can lend more interest to your façade.

But did you know that patio shades are also good for indoor areas? When used as window attachments, these shading devices can help make your rooms more comfortable, beautiful, and structurally sound for many years. Here’s what they can do:

Blocking Infrared Light

According to the Department of Energy, awnings can reduce summer solar heat gain by up to 77% and 65% on west and south-facing windows. If you don’t have high-performance units, such as those with two panes and Low-E coatings, the cooling effect of awnings is noticeable. Suddenly, the adjacent indoor areas will no longer be as hot as they used to be during the muggy months.

Nevertheless, energy-efficient windows can benefit from them, too. After all, only a fraction of the sun’s heat-causing infrared light will make it to the glass units.

Eliminating Glare

Glare is a common consequence of having large-pane windows. In addition to coloring your ceiling with lighter hues to mitigate it, using awnings is common practice to make the most of day lighting without its downsides.

Combating Sun Damage

Awnings reflect not only infrared light but also ultraviolet rays. While it’s virtually impossible to keep your valuables from getting exposed to them, installing awnings can catch them before they penetrate the windows. As a result, your home items won’t discolor more quickly.

Preventing Water Intrusion

Gaps around the windows are a common entry point for water. Every awning can serve as a roof for each window, protecting against wind-driven rain.

Compared to fixed awnings, retractable ones offer more flexibility. And with so many options to choose from, you’ll have more latitude in styling up your home-exterior design.

02 PM | 15 Oct

Pitfalls to Avoid When Insulating Your Attic

Worker putting insulating foam on the wallMistakes when installing insulation in the attic can mean high energy bills and an uncomfortable home. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to get the services of a professional contractor.

If you prefer using spray foam insulation in Kansas City, only a specialist would know how to install it properly. So, what are the most common mistakes to avoid when installing an insulation system? Read on to find out.

Leaving Gaps

Leaving gaps around the insulation is the most common mistake most people make. The main idea for installing an insulation system is to prevent warm air from leaking into the attic. When leaking occurs, your heating unit will need to work harder to warm your house. This means it will use more energy and wear faster.

Covering Recessed Lights

You should not cover Non-IC recessed lighting fixtures with insulation. Since these lights produce a huge amount of heat, covering them with insulation makes them a fire hazard. A fire in the attic can easily set your house ablaze. It is important to keep any type of insulation three or more inches away from these fixtures.

Covering the Eave Vents

Proper ventilation in the attic is extremely important. It helps prevent condensation, mold growth, and damage to vital building components. The eave vents must stay open to ensure a steady flow of air. Using ready-made wind baffles between roof rafters helps avoid obstructing the vents. They also ensure that loose-fill insulation does not shift out of place.

Buying the Cheapest Insulation Available

While saving money is good, buying the cheapest insulation material there is might be a bad decision. If you need foam insulation, you should research the best type on the market. It is also important to determine the material that would work best for your home.

There are many wrong ways to install insulation in your attic. Hiring a professional installer minimizes the chances of making costly mistakes. Choose an experienced contractor to ensure safety and quality of work.

02 PM | 08 Oct

Aesthetic Agony: What to Do with Awkward Windows

Woman looking out the window

Windows are rarely noticed as part of interior design, until they’re situated at an awkward corner or sporting an irregular shape. However neat and sophisticated your furnishings are, the entire aesthetic of the space is thrown out of the window when you have bad windows.

The good thing about this is every design nightmare is a creative project opportunity. Here are the most common types of bad and awkward windows and how you can deal with them:

Short Windows

They’re awkward because it feels as if the walls are uneven, with the bottom space left empty. As the windows are at the top portion of the wall, people in the room don’t have an eye-level view of the outside, making the space look a bit cramped. The trick here is to use ceiling-to-floor drapes, as these would define the vertical space of the wall. This gives the illusion of tallness and an expanded space. It also drives the viewer’s attention away from the blank bottom space.

Bay Windows

These are beautiful, but often they’re placed in awkward corners at home. Without the right window treatments, the space looks unfinished and disconnected from the entire living space.

Use plantation shutters, for instance. Fort Worth interior design experts highly recommend this, as you’re able to control natural light better with such treatments. Turn this awkward corner into a reading nook. Install some bench seats. Throw in some throw pillows that complement the nearby room’s color palette, and voila, you have a finished nook that’s tied to your interiors.

Arched Windows

Sometimes, they remind you of the medieval period or the ancient times, but this shouldn’t necessarily have to be an outdated interior design feature at your home. The trick is to have simpler window treatments, as its architecture already has a statement. Don’t bother looking for arched curtain rods. The simple, straight ones will do. Place a sheer curtain and let simplicity improve the visual appeal of the space.

Do you have awkward windows at home? Channel your creative juices in dressing them up. Do it like a pro.

01 AM | 08 Oct

3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Failing

White garage door of a detached house

Have you been experiencing troubles with your garage door? Does it feel like closing and opening it has become quite a task for you? Then this could only mean one thing — something is wrong with your door.

Garage door problems can be caused by a number of things. To help you understand better, here are some of the most common reasons your garage door is letting you down.

Misaligned Track

The metal frame guiding your garage door movement must be aligned for it to close and open smoothly. The only way to ensure that it’s still in place is to perform a visual check on the track itself. If it isn’t, then it can become a serious issue, which may lead to malfunction. For this, it’s best to hire a technician who can provide professional garage door repairs in Cairns.

Broken Springs or Cables

Broken cables or springs are the most common reason you’re having troubles with your garage door. This problem could completely cut off the operation of your system. In case you experience this trouble, the most ideal thing to do is to call a pro to handle it. Don’t try to fix it on your own because it will never work.

Blocked Sensors

Another possible reason your door isn’t working is due to the sensor. Check if there’s anything blocking the way. If there isn’t, then try checking if the remote is programmed properly. While you’re at it, you may also check if the batteries are still working or needs to be replaced. These steps would often fix the problem, but if it isn’t it’s best to call the pro.

Use this list to guide you accordingly in figuring out the cause of the problem on your garage door. Other than these, it’s important that you perform a regular inspection on this part of your home to prevent future troubles.

01 AM | 06 Oct

Search for Affordable Home

Couple looking at new house

Owning property is not as easy as before with the economy fluctuating every day, and getting your hands on one while sticking to your budget might seem impossible. But, if you know where and how to look, then you might just score the right deal.

Eager to know how? Read on and find out for yourself.

Look Outside the City

Houses in Lancaster New City are affordable because they are situated outside the metro. But, it is situated in such a way that the city center is very accessible. Properties just outside the city proper are more affordable for obvious reasons. However, this does not mean you will miss the action in the city. In fact, you can have the best of both worlds.

Newly Developed Properties

The early bird catches the worm. So you if you inquire early enough, then it is possible to find a good deal that can match your budget. Pre-selling is one of the easiest ways to find a good deal.

Go for Foreclosed Properties

If buying a brand new home is not on your list, then you can opt to go for foreclosed properties. These properties usually repossessed by banks are almost immediately listed. After all, banks want to focus their energy on lending money and not on selling properties.

Work with an Agent

Finding a property needs a lot of legwork and research. If you do not have the time, do not hesitate to work with a real estate agent. They can give you choices that match your preference, minus the stress of actually looking for it.
Who says you cannot have your property at this age and time? Knowing where and how to look can give you deals that others will envy you for.

09 PM | 04 Oct

Light Up for the Christmas Season: Call an Installation Pro

House exterior full of Christmas lights

The Christmas holidays are almost here again. At this time, businesses, government offices, and even homeowners are preparing to celebrate the joy of the season by lighting up their outdoors with colorful displays. It’s a fantastic way to put a smile on the face of those who pass by, which brings about various benefits to the yard owners in return.

But when decorating for Christmas, especially when using a play of lights, you need to trust the pros. It is a complicated lighting system that professional installers must have a hand if you want to be safe and successful. Look at those municipal Christmas lights which are always done by trusted professionals and you will understand.

The Pros Could Make Your Dream Display Come True

Professional Christmas light installers do not act without a solid plan on hand. That’s one of the best things about working with pros. You may discuss your dream display, including the impression that you want to impart to spectators and get a design plan according to your vision. The design consultation allows you to establish your goals in putting up the display while giving you an idea of what needs to be done to achieve them.

The Pros Could Help You Choose the Right Lighting Options

Gone are the days when you were torn between a solid light and a blinking light. These days, there are so many options. Every Christmas light design comes with vibes and feels. While it is becoming harder to make the choice, turning to professional installers could help lighten up your burden. Through their expertise and extensive knowledge about lighting displays, they will be able to put together the most ideal design for your property.

In the end, it is all about spreading warmth and cheer. Christmas lights are installed to inspire and remind everyone about the reason for celebrating the season as a symbol of the government’s love for its people. Business establishments create outdoor displays to attract potential clients. Homes may simply decorate and beautify their property. No matter what’s their cause, one thing is for sure: A professional installer must be in the equation to put everything right.

06 PM | 03 Oct

3 Tips to Consider for First-Time Movers to the UK

Man fixing his new house

As a visitor in a new country, you are often not aware of many things. You do not know where to shop for what you want. However, that has been made easier through e-commerce as visitors can purchase what they need without having to be physically present at the stores.

Furnishing the house

After finding a house in the UK, you still need to furnish it. In the case of bedrooms, you may rely on companies that sell bedroom furniture online. Upon purchasing the products, the chosen company will deliver the furniture to your door. Online services have provided a vital solution, especially for people relocating to the country for the first time.

Locating necessary facilities

You may be relocating with your school-going kids. That means that you have to identify suitable schools to enrol them in. The same applies to an ill family member. In such a case, you may need to identify a care centre that is close to where you plan to reside. That may not offer a serious dilemma to people living alone unless they themselves need the facilities.

Applying for a work permit

Before going to work in the UK, you may be required to obtain a work permit. The procedures have become a bit complicated following the Brexit. As a precaution, you should make an early application for a work permit to ensure that it is granted in time for your relocation to the country. Having to settle in the country and then waiting for a few weeks for the permit to be processed may diminish your savings.

The emergence of online platforms has made it easier for people moving to the UK. Even from their host countries, they can search and book for houses and household items. That allows them to settle faster upon arriving in the UK.

07 AM | 02 Oct

3 Sleep Issues Silk Beddings Surprisingly Solves

white silk

Silk — that tightly woven natural fiber that has a lot more to offer than we thought. Mostly known for its reputation as a luxurious material, this fabric can actually benefit your health when you sleep in it. Cozy Earth tells us more.

For Sensitive Skin

One of the major causes of sleep interruption is skin irritation, and the most natural way of solving this is by using a silk comforter, especially during the colder months when the skin is prone to lose more moisture. The smooth texture of silk and its antimicrobial properties prevent any bacterial growth that can cause itchiness or irritation.

For Dry Skin

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a surprising benefit: the tightly woven fabric structure of silk keeps skin moisture more than any other fabric does. This is like unlocking the secret to a real-life, truly effective beauty sleep that makes your skin look radiant and gives you that overall well-rested look.

For Allergies

As already mentioned, silk fabric has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial growth and other allergens, such as mold and fungus, and can even ward off dust mites. This makes a cleaner, healthier bed that translates to better sleep.

If you suffer from allergies or allergy attacks, changing your usual bedding set to one that’s made of silk will give you surprising results. Not only will your allergies lessen or come to a halt, but your bed will also feel and smell fresher longer.

While silk is more popularly used as clothing material, it’s also a wonderful bedding material that offers you many health benefits. On top of that, it gives your bed a luxurious look and feel — it’s a small piece of luxury that doubles as a natural remedy for comfort issues that rob you of a good night’s sleep.

12 PM | 27 Sep

Average Cost of Professional Tree Removal Services

Man try to cut the tree

The average cost of professional tree removal services in the U.S. amounts to $748, although the usual price ranges between $380 and $1,120.

The cost of professional tree removal will depend on your location. In Chanhassen, Minnesota, landscaping companies usually include tree removal or shrub-trimming in their services. Some professionals may also help in choosing the right plants and trees for pool landscaping.

Safety First

It could be tempting for some people to do the work themselves, but remember that removing tree stumps or branches can be dangerous. Trees that intertwine with electricity posts are a particular example, and the job entails longer hours than the usual landscaping work.

A good way to avoid problems in the future is to ensure regular trimming of branches, especially for large trees. Routine maintenance often costs less than paying a company to remove branches that have grown around lamp posts or power lines. If you’re looking for the right choice of greenery around your pool, there are certain things to consider before planting seeds.

Pool Landscaping

Trees that produce the least amount of dead leaves and flowers should be your best option when doing landscaping around your pool. This spares you from constantly removing unwanted objects from the water. Those with shallow roots are an ideal choice to avoid damages to your plumbing system.

If you live in a place with a tropical or sub-tropical weather, palm trees are suitable for pool landscaping. Some of the best choices for pools include the Sabal, Queen’s, and Sago variants.

It may be quite expensive to hire someone to remove trees at home, but the job requires an expert to ensure your safety. Ask for quotes from at least three companies, so you can compare rates and make an informed decision.

01 AM | 27 Sep

4 Tips on Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy

a man and his dog

For a lot of people, pets are part of the family. This is why, like any family member, you want your dog, cat or any pet to always be protected. You also want them to have the best health. On that note, here are four things that can help you make sure that your pets will not have any health or safety issues:

1. Build a fence around your home.

Your pet tends to run around, and they could get lost at any time. To make sure this does not happen, you should have a fence around your home.

It would be best if it is made of aluminum so that it will require less maintenance and be more affordable. Contact a company that can provide an estimated cost for aluminum fence installation and ensure your pet’s safety.

2. Feed them the right pet food.

Pet food is where they will be getting their nutrients. Check the nutrition label so that you will know if they are getting enough of the right nutrients. Consult your local vet as well to know what dog food brands they recommend.

3. Put ID tags on them.

Just in case your pets get lost, you want to make sure they will be easy to find. For dogs and cats, put a name or ID tag on them with your contact details. Make sure instructions on the name tag are also very clear for those who will find the dog.

4. Regularly take them out on walks.

Of course, pets need exercise too. It keeps their weight and health in good levels and avoids diseases associated with obesity. Regular exercise will provide them with physical activity they need to stay healthy, and it will make them really happy as well.

As their owner and companion, you need to do everything you can to protect your pets. Not only will they be able to live longer, it will also give a deeper appreciation of them.