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3 Commonly Asked Questions When Running a Greenhouse

Prefabricated Greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be rewarding for home garden enthusiasts. It lets them start their vegetable garden without worrying about the climate or the changing weather. That’s why a growing number of people are now considering getting a prefabricated greenhouse to start their gardening journey. To help you start off, here are a few commonly asked questions you might want to consider.

Do you still need proper ventilation?

Although it’s an enclosed space, you need to allow natural air to enter the greenhouse to get natural ventilation. You may do so by installing shutters to let the natural air flow through at controlled intervals. According to Home Guides, using indoor fans can help the fresh air circulate inside the foliage to provide the right level of carbon dioxide for your plants.

Can you set up the prefabricated greenhouse anywhere?

Yes. You have the option to set up your greenhouse anywhere you want. In fact, you’re more likely to visit it if it’s closer to your home or garden. Based on an article posted on Planet Natural, you may also want to choose an area where there’s much easier access to water and electricity.

Does the size of the greenhouse matter?

The size of the greenhouse depends on the plants that you’ll be growing. Compact greenhouses have a higher tendency to cool off and heat up faster compared to larger ones. Meanwhile, taller greenhouses provide plants with more air above it, which can be great for ventilation.

These are just a few of the most common questions that people have when it comes to greenhouses. It’s always best to keep it clean to help eliminate bugs or even a spread of diseases.


08 AM | 21 Sep

Your Quick Guide to Designing Your Business Parking Lot

Parking Space of an Office Building

When it comes to attracting store customers, more store owners should also consider parking spaces for their clients. Some store owners take it for granted and do not do much to provide this essential service. When you optimize your parking space, it provides your clients with a necessary amenity and acts as an attraction to potential customers.

But it can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you have limited space. If you are looking for some ways to improve the design of your parking lot, here are some useful tips that could help you optimize that parking area.

Plan the area

You might think a parking lot does not need a lot of planning, especially if you think it’s just bare space. But you need to identify the thickness of the pavement and the road so it could withstand the weight and stress of any vehicle that will stay there for some time. Many paving contractors in Kansas City explain that this is crucial in making sure that your parking lot will remain functional for the longest time.

Identify the number of slots

If you have limited space, you need to consider the number of slots that could fit within the specified area. You also need to prepare portions of the space for other purposes, such as utilities, gates, and landscaping. On top of that, you need to determine whether you want to save a slot for bicycles and motorcycles.

Follow the traffic flow

Design the parking area according to the flow of traffic so any vehicle moving in and out could move with ease and will not cause serious issues with the traffic flow. It’s best to place traffic signs so drivers will know where to enter and exit. You also need to provide a space and lighting for pedestrians.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to optimize your parking space. Consider the local traffic regulations in your city and how much space you can spare for this basic amenity.

05 PM | 18 Sep

How Should You Get Rid of Your Lawn Weeds?

Removing weed using a gardening tool

Weeds are unsightly, and they spoil your landscaped garden, patio, and driveway. They spread faster and compete with your other plants for survival. If you want your plant to stay healthy and bloom, you need to get rid of weeds. Greenside Landscaping gives these tips on yard weed control in Utah so you can eliminate these lawn pests the natural way.


The acetic acid in vinegar is a drying agent. It can kill young plants, so you have to be careful when using it. To do so, get a plastic bottle and remove its bottom. Spray the vinegar into the bottle while aiming it directly onto your target. This will help you spare the other plants in your garden.


Add a few drops of liquid soap to vinegar before spraying it directly onto the weeds. The oil in the soap will melt the weeds’ waxy surface, and remove their first layer of protection. Consequently, they will die.

Boiling Water

Pouring boiling water onto the weeds will instantly kill them. Since boiling water cools off immediately, it is safe to pour it on patios and driveways without causing harm to other plants.


Sprinkle salt onto the weeds in your pathways or driveways. Then pour water to finish the job. Mixing salt with boiling water will give the same result.

Corn Gluten Meal

Spread corn gluten meal around your plants and seedlings. This will prevent the weeds from sprouting. Repeat the process to keep off unwanted grass permanently.

Baking Soda

Spreading baking soda onto your lawn will kill the weeds and grasses around it. Its sodium content will keep these unwanted plants from growing. Just sweep it off in the crevices of your driveways and patios. Soon, you will notice the absence of weeds in your yard.


Pour a small amount of undiluted bleach over the cracks of your driveways. Then, pull the weeds after a few days. Make sure though that the bleach won’t get in the way of the border plants. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves for protection. If you need help, you can seek the assistance of a professional. There are experts in yard weed control in Utah. Weeds threaten the survival of other plants in your lawn. But when you know how to deal with these unwanted plants on your lawn, you can eliminate them before they can cause further harm.

06 AM | 18 Sep

Why You Shouldn’t Have Rodents in the House

rodent perching

Mice and rats are prolific breeders and can infest a household if not controlled. The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in the U.S. It’s estimated that a pair of mice can have as many as 15,000 offspring in one year.

With these numbers, IPM Pest Control suggests that you call for rodent control service if there are mice in your home in Boca Raton, Florida.

Dangers from Rodents

There is a lot of potential danger from rats and mice. Although it seldom happens, these rodents can take a bite off humans. These rodents stay away from humans, but when they are cornered and threatened, they may bite. The main concern about a rat bite is developing an infection and health problem, such as the rat-bite fever.

In case of a rat bite, it’s best to have a tetanus immunization as soon as possible. Rat-bite infections can be treated with antibiotics. Other diseases associated with rats include Leptospirosis and the Hantavirus.

Food Contamination

Mice and rats are omnivorous and have a wide range of diet. However, they prefer grains, seeds, and fruits. They prefer food that is high in carbohydrates. They may be able to get to pantries and eat bread, flour, rice, beans, and other stored food. These rodents may contaminate the food with their excretions.

It may be difficult to control mice and rats. They are nocturnal animals and hunt for food at night. Seeing a mouse during the day may be a cause for alarm because it might indicate a large population living inside the house.

Rats and mice are a nuisance for any homeowner. It is important to make your property rodent free, so you can protect your family against illnesses.

01 AM | 18 Sep

Transmission and Prevention of Dengue Fever Carried by Mosquitoes

man is fumigatingThe Aedes aegypti mosquito and Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) are known carriers of the dengue virus. Dengue fever is a deadly disease and is found in most parts of the world, except in communities located in high altitudes. Mosquitoes spread the virus, and every outbreak involves loss of life by the thousands.

The only way to prevent the spread of dengue is to deal with mosquitoes effectively. This is what the local pest control companies in Edmond, Oklahoma are doing.

How dengue fever is transmitted

Every year, there is an increase in the number of cases of dengue fever worldwide. No drug or vaccine can prevent dengue fever; there is no cure as well. The most at risk are travelers to tropical and subtropical countries. Mosquitoes carry dengue fever and night and may bite indoors or outdoors. The only effective way to avoid getting sick is to prevent mosquito bites and treat the symptoms as early as possible to prevent the drastic decrease of platelet count.

How to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes

Insect repellants may be effective for some people, especially those containing DEET, IR3535, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus. However, even the highest quality products can't provide enough protection against mosquitoes. Clothing and gear treated with permethrin offer protection as well. Using a mosquito net around the bed may help reduce the likelihood of being bitten. Nevertheless, the insects can be difficult to avoid if the environment you live in is severely infested.

How to remove mosquitoes from the equation

The most effective measure to avoid the dengue virus is to eliminate mosquitoes. Take steps to remove mosquito habitats in and around your home. These include empty tires, planters, flower pots, and random containers of stagnant water where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs. Do not hesitate to call pest control professionals if the mosquito population in your property is alarmingly high.

The World Health Organization ranks dengue fever as the most rapidly spreading and dangerous illness caused by mosquitoes. Take the most effective measures to protect your family.

05 PM | 14 Sep

3 Bedroom Renovation Questions You Want to Ask Right Now

Luxurious bedroom with purple sheets and curtain

You’re here because of two things. One, you’re planning to remodel your bedroom. Second, you don’t know how to go about it. You have a lot of designs in your mind, but you want to be sure they’re worth doing.

In your planning, consider the following information:

1. Is it okay to add a fireplace in the bedroom?

Now that fall and winter are just around the corner, it would be nice to have some fireplace in the bedroom. There’s no doubt it can help you keep warm. The question is, is it safe? The answer is yes, and a lot of homes in Utah have it. But it’s always important to heed the side of caution.

For one, let a professional do it for you. If you’re in Holiday, companies such as Uintah Gas Fireplaces can do it for you. Plus, you have a variety of designs to choose from, so there’s always one that goes well with your remodeled bedroom.

Having a professional ensures you avoid some of the most common causes of fireplace-related problems. These include carbon monoxide positioning and fire. The experts can properly install it as part of your heating system.

2. How much does it cost to remodel a bedroom?

It’s hard to get an estimate on the bedroom remodel costs. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the focal points of the house. When people are looking to buy a house, they usually check the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

However, according to Home Advisor, the average of remodeling multiple rooms in Salt Lake City is almost $29,000. On the low end, it could be as cheap as $5,000. Regardless, the cost is lower than the national average, which is at $41,000.

3. What’s the best bedroom design?

The answer is there’s none. Each bedroom could be unique, depending on the needs and preferences of the users. But Becki Owens, a design expert, recommends size and space proportion. For instance, there should be no less than 22 inches of space for walking on either side of the bed, as well as the foot.

It must be easy for you to reach and open the drawers and closets. Most of all, it must be comfortable and cozy enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

How you go about with the look and feel of your bedroom is up to you. Remember, though, some things are not worth compromising. It might be better to spend a bit more if it makes you happier and more fulfilled with the outcome of your project.

02 AM | 12 Sep

Home Sweet Home: 4 Elements of a Family-Friendly Home

a happy family is on the sofa

It’s a whole new house hunting game when you’re buying a family-friendly home. If before, when you were just a couple, any space that’s close to your Kansas City office will do. Now, you’re looking for a space that’s conducive for raising responsible, socially intelligent kids. So much for the overwhelming responsibility, right? Well, that’s the reality of parenting. But don’t fret. The trick here is to know your priorities. Here are the things you should look for when viewing new homes:


Families often bond in kitchens and dining areas. This is where you’ll most likely spend your weekends with kids baking and cooking with them. Or, on weekdays, helping them work on their school projects and preparing their breakfast meals before school. So, it’s important to consider the size of this area of the house. You may want to consider visiting the new homes for sale in Overland Park, KS. Such properties have spaces ideal for families.


A dedicated area for kids’ recreation is a must-have. For younger children, it will be easier for them to understand that toys must be kept in their playroom and not be taken to the kitchens or bathrooms. This saves you from the nerve-wracking mess of toys scattered around the house and the tragedy of stepping on Legos. If there’s no assigned space for a playroom, see if there’s an additional room, say a basement or an attic, you can repurpose.

Outdoor Space

While your kids can play inside your home, it’s also important to let them explore the outdoors safely. And that safe exploration can very well happen within your yard. Health experts say that outdoor play stimulates creative thinking and facilitates better physical health for kids, so you want your new home to be equipped with a space in which they can do such.


It’s not just about getting a family-friendly home, a family-friendly community is also a must. When you drive up to properties in Kansas City, be conscious of your potential neighbors as well. Do they have kids the same age as yours? Do their kids walk to school every day? Do they have, once in a while, backyard barbecue parties? All these will tell you that it’s a safe, family-friendly community you’re looking at.

Remember, the house you’re getting has a huge impact on your kids’ development and well-being. So, make sure get the right, family-friendly home.

08 AM | 10 Sep

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Business Broker?

a business broker writing a contract

In the world of commerce, the role of a business broker is essential. However, this profession requires some requirements to be successful. If you’re interested in entering this line of work, here are some of the skills that you need to possess:

Marketing Skills

Having the skills necessary to sell your product is one of the keys to becoming a business broker. You need to make your customers see the value of what you’re offering them. If they do eventually purchase the said franchise or business, it should be because they’re thrilled with what this venture can provide them and not because you forced or manipulated them into agreeing.

Financial Knowledge

You will also need to know different financial aspects to sell your products better. Brokers are expected to interpret numbers and financial statements to their customers efficiently. Also, you need to be knowledgeable about the businesses that you offer. If you provide home inspection, retail, or food franchise opportunities, you should be able to identify which business would fit your customer’s needs.

Negotiation and Mediation

Brokers act as the intermediary between two parties, so they need to be able to handle whatever issues may arise. Thus, you need to be patient and be prepared to deal with negative and positive situations. You should also know how to differentiate franchise packages so that it’s easier to predict the possible problems that can arise during negotiations. To become a successful franchise broker, you should be willing to learn while staying driven and focused. Enjoying your job can sometimes be more important than earning money. If you think that you can make it, use that zeal to guide you throughout your career.

09 AM | 06 Sep

Types of Split Air Conditioning Systems

man checking air conditioner

Everyone wants to enjoy refreshingly cool interiors in summer and warm ones in winter. However, not everyone is fortunate to get central air conditioning. Window air conditioning units might also not be a good fit for all rooms.

Fortunately, there is now a way for Gastonia residents to access air conditioning services unobtrusively. Split air conditioning units, which have outdoor and indoor units, are the solution. Here are the types of split air conditioners that you can get:

Wall-mounted Systems

These engineer-fit systems come in different levels, capacities, and styles. Wall-mounted split air conditioning systems have no interconnecting pipes, and their installation is customized to your building. Though their installation is costly, these systems are exact and look neat on your building. Also, they raise your property’s value. They are installed with multiple features, including timer functionality, air purification, remote control, and more.

Ceiling Cassette Systems

These are also called cartridge air conditioners. They are typically fitted within a space in your ceiling’s tiles. The bulk of a ceiling cassette air conditioning system largely remains invisible. The only visible component of this system is its decorative lower end with four edge outlet louvers and a central inlet grille. A ceiling cassette air conditioner is common in places with suspended ceilings.

Portable Systems

These systems have higher cooling capacities compared to similarly sized monoblocks. The rated capacity of portable air conditioning systems can be as much as 16,000 BTU. Their design includes an “umbilical cord” that is plastic-sheathed, refrigerant pipes, and electrical lines. The primary benefit of portable systems is their easy installation.

The given air conditioning units are quieter and more efficient compared to other types. They are also the best solution for properties without ductwork. Despite their efficiency and comfort, split air conditioning systems are quite inexpensive.

01 AM | 06 Sep

What Are the Advantages of Window Shutters?

woman opening her window curtains

Are you looking for new window coverings that are durable, provide you with privacy, do not attract dust, and at the same time, look great? Then why not consider window shutters for your home in Shrewsbury?

To help you decide if this is the right type of window furnishing for you, here are more of its many benefits and advantages.

Added Aesthetic Appeal

If you want a window furnishing that keeps up with the trends and never goes out of style, window shutters are the perfect replacement for those old blinds or dated curtains. You can also easily match them to the overall decor of your home, even if you redecorate, by simply having them repainted.

Window shutters are also very durable and easy to maintain. Combine that with their attractive appearance, the value of your home can significantly increase when it’s time to sell it.

Provide Better Insulation

Whether you need sound or thermal insulation, window shutters can provide both when they are closed. If you want to let fresh air in but keep the heat out during summer , you could leave the windows open and the panels closed. The same effect can be achieved with heavy, thick drapes.

However, thick curtains are much harder to clean and maintain than shutters. Plus, there are areas where heavy curtains are not ideal such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Low Maintenance

Every homeowner knows how much dust curtains and blinds can attract. They also know how difficult it is to clean them. Shutters, on the other hand, need only to be wiped with a damp cloth every now and then to avoid the build-up of dust and other allergens.

Additionally, if you want a fresh, new-look for your home, you only need to repaint them. No need to replace them as you would with curtains and blinds.

By adjusting the louvers, shutters can give you privacy but still let light in. The same cannot be said with curtains which are either closed or open. This does not afford you much privacy.