02 AM | 15 May

Privacy Policy

At CatfishJournal.com, we strive to publish home improvement and gardening news, along with tips and tricks that you can use and apply to your everyday projects and home endeavors. What separates us from the rest is that while the content we publish is informative and in-depth, we keep things simple to understand and even easier to apply.

We are committed to bringing you all the latest home and gardening news, as well as tips and tricks from the experts. We understand though that this requires trust between you and use, so we want to discuss how our privacy policy works.

Use of personal information

We may require you to give some personal information to make sure that the content we provide to you is fresh and important to your needs and interest. We would like to establish thought that giving out your personal information is optional and does not impede you from reading our content. The personal information that you provide us is also strictly confidential and we will never give these away to any third-party organizations and other websites.


CatfishJournal.com does not make use of cookies or any other software that tracks your browsing history or any other activities you do online.

Use of external links

Our writers may use external links from other websites and sources to enrich the articles we bring to you. These websites may have different privacy policies than us, so we strongly suggest that you read up on their respective policies before giving out any personal information. We hold no responsibility for these other website’s use of personal information, cookies, and advertisements.

Change to our policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy and we will always update you when this happens. Please check this page regularly for changes or subscribe to our newsletter for quicker updates.