01 PM | 19 Oct

Why Millennials are Living in Granny Flats

Granny flats are for millennials too

Gone are the days grannies are the only ones living in granny flats. Today, millennials are flocking to these self-contained housing units for a lot of reasons. Here’s why the Gen Y lives in granny flats too:

They stay with their parents.

The housing affordability crisis has hit this generation hard. According to a recent survey that involved 2,000 millennials, almost two-thirds of those residing with their parents say they don’t have enough finances to move out. Some also said they plan to remain in the family home until they’re 30.

On the parents’ end, they want to keep the peace of living together, at the same time, allow their adult children to experience some level of independence. This is the reason most of them are contracting granny flat builders like Classic Cabins to build separate residential areas. If you think about it, it makes financial sense. Why go out into the turbulent property market when you can have your own piece of home right at your backyard?

They prefer tiny living.

Generally, millennials are minimalists. In a way, they’re hard-wired to have less stuff. Remember that this generation is the first to grow up with technology, thus embrace mobility and the redefined value of sharing. For millennials, wherever they are is their office as long as they have a laptop and Internet connection. This all points to living with less stuff. In granny flats, this minimalist lifestyle is supported.

They like the flat’s aesthetics.

Millennials know what good aesthetics is, given that they’re immersed in Instagram and Pinterest images. Granny flats, over the years, have evolved not just in the way they’re constructed but designed as well. This makes a great appeal to millennials. Not to mention the fact that some housing units are also customisable.

It’s not just the grannies who you’ll find in granny flats. The Gen Y is dominating these residential areas, in style and on budget.